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What is Sonic Boom?

Today, I was just surfing around the web and found “Sonic Boom”!

What is it?

It’s when the aircraft goes faster than the speed of sound and creates water vapors basically or according to Wikipedia:

When an object passes through the air, it creates a series of pressure waves in front of it and behind it, similar to the bow and stern waves created by a boat. These waves travel at the speed of sound, and as the speed of the object increases, the waves are forced together, or compressed, because they ca

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Spy Hack – How to Make a Bump Key!


Here’s a great video explaining how bump keys work and how to make one.  It might come to become very useful for those of you who are forgetful and lock yourselves out.

I have been guilty of locking myself out of homes, cars, etc…etc… and I would have saved a couple hundred bucks if I had bump keys.  (darn…)

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Resealable Can!


Wow, check out this resealable can baby!

and press release here:

via youtube

Snellville (Atlanta), GA USA. A Ukrainian inventor, Johan De Broyer has conceived the idea for a re-sealable aluminum soda can featuring hidden advertising messaging. The idea was developed/designed by Robert Davis, Davis Advertising Inc. of Snellville (Atlanta), GA USA. K Mac McClintock, Advercan (Dallas, TX USA) is handling m

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DIY HACK – How to Make a Solar Powered DC Welder!


Remember my post on how to make a DC Welder powered by a golf cart? Well, these guys must be golfers and must own a golf course. (or at least work at a golf course.)

Now, they figured out a way to power their batteries with a big solar panel on top of the golf cart. Now the question is, can you still drive the g

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DIY HACK – How to Make a DC Welder with a Golf Cart!


Here’s a cool way you can make a DC welder powered by a golf cart!  Of course, you don’t have to use a golf cart but it is creative the way this guy did it.

Here’s the simplest welder you can make. It’s just a pair of jumper cables and a welding rod. Oh yeah. And some batteries to power it. I happened to have some nice juicy batteries in the form of a Golf Cart.

Here’s m

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DIY Stinger Spud Gun!


Lol… here’s some cool spud gun to cool you down while I review lots of Web 2.0 stuff…

This Stinger Spud Gun shoots 10 inch PVC missiles! There are no details on the build but by looking at it I would guess that the red button that is used to ignite the gun is a BBQ igniter. The rest of the gun appears to be the standard spud gun that has been dressed up with the black holder and scope. Have a look at the video, looks like it works very well!

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Mac Book Air Ad – cool…


Cool stuff… I think it’s dope dude.

Apple always, but seriously, always make a good ad. Even if it’s Christmas ad. There ads are almost every time only 30 seconds long, but they have this message inside of them. Really remarkable! Please take a look and tell us what you think about new MacBook Air ad!

via applewb

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Automated Berlin Toilet


Here’s a nice automated toilet when you are traveling abroad to Germany! Guten Tag!

Hacked Gadgets Forum member Jared Harley recently went on a trip to Berlin and took a video of a cool automated toilet there. This toilet locks and washes itself after every use. It can also be reconfigured automatically when a handicapped person needs a specia

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Get 35% more MPG on your car with this little device.


Basically this little device produces HHO and feeds it into your fuel line in your car. The HHO is produced by distilled water and baking soda. The only drawback is that you much keep adding the distilled water and baking soda once a week.

This is a very good idea. I’ve heard of water injection systems but this one actually injects HHO.

Looks pretty cool to me, has anyone tried it

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Atari Pong’s history!


Here’s one of the first video games made, the Pong from Atari.  Check out how interesting the company came to be.  Absolutely crazy people who made it to the market big, we applaud them for their courage!

Atari rules!  Pong rules!

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