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Today GooHack – How to Make Sushi!

Well, as I’ve been making some Korean Gimbap Sushi today, I had to look up “Sushi” on Goohack today and found these.  (Video after the jump)

I found this video on VideoJug, but looks pretty crappy and here’s a good one from Youtube:


And Sushi Candy?  WTF!?!

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DIY – How to Make your own Invisible Shelf!

Here’s a cool way to make your own invisible CD shelf. It makes you think, “Why didn’t I think of that before?” The only bad part is that you have to drill holes in your wall but if you don’t rent, it’d be no problem.

via videojug

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Goohack Launched! – Find DIYs, HowTos, Hacks, and more!

Goohack was just launched!  It’s a search engine that uses Google API to search DIYs, HowTos, Hacks, and other technology stuff from hand-selected sites by me.

It’s pretty useful as it filters out a lot of sites you don’t consider DIY and HowTo related.

For example,

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