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Motorola Droid Video Review!

Check out this video review of the new Motorola Droid, based on Android 2.0, not too bad I guess, I might actually get one soon to test it out.  With Google’s new Navigation on GoogleMaps, getting an Android-based smartphone seems like a smart idea.

Also check out how to hack yourself a Droid dock using couple magnets.


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Quick Nikon D3S DSLR Video Review!

(Image Credit Photo taken with Nikon D3S)

I will be getting my hands on a DSLR camera soon, mostly because I really need for my blogging work.  I have been really dialing into the Canon EOS 7D but take a quick look at the new Nikon D3S DSLR, which isn’t to

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TokyoFlash Rogue LED Digital Watch Review!

Wow, I just received TokyoFlash watches from Paul over at TokyoFlash in Japan. (Thanks Paul btw!)

The TokyoFlash Rogue LED digital watch was my first choice for looks regardless of the prices.

My first impression?

Quality craftmanship, these TokyoFlash watches look very “durable” and everything on the outside is made with Stainless Steel.

I’ve bought many LED digital watches before, including the

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New Apple Earbuds Review!

I have to say, I am impressed with the new Apple earbuds that Steve Jobs was working on last year, much better than these standard earphones that come with every iPod and iPhone.

As much o

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Palm Pre Video Review!


Here’s a first look at the new Palm Pre, built on open source platform, sorta like Android.

It looks really good but time will tell how many hackers and developers will catch onto Palm’s open source platform.  There’s no word if it’s based on Linux or proprietary, in which case it will be a hard sell.

I highly like the screen very much.  Well, watch the video!

The video is one of the most complete demonstrations of the Pre that we’ve seen to date, showing app to app transitions without the co

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HTC Magic Android Phone Hands-On Video Review!


Here’s the first-look at the new HTC Magic Android phone for Vodafone.  Looks pretty good to me, very similar to the G1 Phone, duh~

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Amazon Kindle 2 Video Review!


Here’s a nice video explanation of the Amazon Kindle 2.

One thing I like about this Kindle 2 is the fact that Amazon hooked up with Sprint’s EDVO network to launch the free wireless 3G connection to the Kindle 2.

The only disadvantage to Kindle 2 may be attributed to the fact that people have to actually buy the electronic books, sorta like Apple App store.  This may save trees but I wish there’s a way for people can “trade” the books they’ve bought, sorta like real books.  (Well, that mig

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GiiNii’s 8-Inch Ultra-Thin Digital Photo Frame!

GiiNii’s 8-Inch Ultra-Thin Digital Photo Frame!

Here’s a cool GiiNii 8-inch Ultra Thin Digital Photo Frame that I got as a sample.

I might do a video review soon so..

GiiNii’s 8-inch Ultra-Thin Digital Picture Frame is now officially available for $129.99 at the following online stores:



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$999 I Am Rich iPhone 3G App is Junk!


Here’s the video review of the $999.99 I Am Rich application for iPhone 3G.  Apparently, about 10 people have bought this bogus Apple app and it’s no longer available because it does suck so much.  (Doesn’t really qualify as a real app really)

via gizmodo

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CuWIN3500 is a Windows CE based Rugged Embedded Controller!

Comfile Technology has launched their new Touchscreen PLC/embedded computer based on Windows CE called CuWIN3500.

The CuWIN3500 is based on an ARM9 32bit 266Mhz processor with a 7-inch 800×480 pixel touchscreen display pad.

On top of that, the CuWIN3500 supports up to 2GB of SD cards, 64MB of RAM, 64MB of NAND Flash, 1MB of NOR flash, internal mono speakers, and also an option to hook up your stereo headphones.

The whole thing can be programmed via a .NET framework and you c

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