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Digital Camera DIY – How to Replace the LCD on your Digital Camera!

For those of you who have cracked LCD screens on their digital cameras, you might be interested to know that there is a way to replace the LCD on your digital camera yourself.  Although I don’t recommend this route and probably will void any kind of warranty, if you are circuit-inclined, you might want to try it out.  Especially if it’s going to cost more than the cost of the digital camera itself, this might be a viable option.

While hiking in Moab, I, like many other

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Multi-Touch DIY – How to Build a Multi-Touch Surface Computer!

Microsoft Surface may be an easy option for businesses to get a multi-touch surface computer but they did not invent it nor is it the only viable option to having one yourself.

The guys over at MaximumPC has done a fantastic job of documenting how to build a multi-touch surface computer all from scratch using open-source multi-touch software Touchlib.  I find it facinating that the multi-touch is

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