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PressLite for Photographers!


Wow, check out this revolutionary flash for cameras!

Its two panels let you reflect just the amount of light you need, bouncing part of it off the ceiling for that soft, indirect look, while aiming the rest of the light at your subject. That’s just one of many possibilities. It’s also easy to use, moving it to exactly the right configuration with one hand, keeping the other free to hold the camera, aim and shoot. Considering what it can do, PressLite VerteX is dirt-cheap at $34.

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PentUltimate – The new Rubik’s Cube!


PentUltimate, is this the new rubik’s cube or what?

The author goes in detail on how to make one yourself but maybe he should patent this first…

In early 2007, I made a pencil sketch of a deep cut vertex turning icosahedron puzzle. I later realized this ground had been covered by others before in dodecahedron form, including Christopher Pelley, who coined the name &

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