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TTZ Media – A New Affiliate Program by John Chow

We are going to go full-on advertising with John Chow’s new TTZ Media. We’ve had the TTZ Media ads on our single posts below the comments for about a month but that didn’t seem to do anything. We earned about 4 bucks last month.

So, to fully test out his new money making affiliate program and to promote John Chow’s new venture, we have put TTZ Media ads everywhere. Well, we will be sticking them eve

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CouchTycoon.net – Private Beta Testing – we got some free invitations!

CouchTycoon is like Monopoly game in real life. (it seems like) The founder has given me an invitation key to give out more invitations. If anyone wants one, let me know!

Additionaly Mr. Idle wants to make starting a company as easy as writing an e-mail. Every one knows the e-mails from a friend containing a business-flash written in some sentences, replied with a comment, re-replied with an other addendum, etc… On that basis starting a venture should become possible. That´s why he dec

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