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Waterproof, Tough Netbook Bag!

Here’s one little tough beast netbook bag for waterproofing/drop-proofing your investment.

    Waterproof, crush-proof and dust-proof Pick ‘N’ Pluck with convoluted lid foam Easy snap anodized aluminum latch O-Ring seal Vent with Gore-Tex membrane for auto pressure balance

Price: $89.47 on Amazon


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DIY – How to Make a Alcohol Distiller with a Rice Cooker!

Here’s a great DIY on how to distill that rice wine using a rice cooker.

A still has two parts, a boiler and a condenser.

A rice cooker/warmer makes a great boiler. It’s got a rubber gasket so all the steam goes out the vent. It’s insulated so all the heat goes into the mash.

A plastic garbage bag makes a great condenser. It’s got lots of surface area, cooling and condensing the vapor very quickly. In my experiments it didn’t need to be vented and hardly puffed up at all.

I tested my still

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Nano Vent-Skin – CO2 Filtering Solar Micro-turbines!

Damn, I could see these things popping up like factories, what a way to rejunvenate the ozone layer!

Enter a striking new alternative energy concept by Mexican-born Agustin Otegui, who works with economies of a much smaller scale. He has conceived of a next-gen Nano Vent-Skin that sheathes structures in a shimmering solar weave studded with micro-turbines. The concept takes advantage of a structure’s maximum available surface space, and its modular composition allows it to retrofit our old buildings instead of

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DIY QUICK HACK – HOWTO make a bathroom ventilation fan using a PC fan in just 1 minute!

Okay, I haven’t been doing much DIYs but here’s a fun one for your bathroom.

Here’s the story:

My bathroom has a vent but no fan. Everytime I shower, the vent does not work well enough to ventilate the bathroom of the fog generated.

So, I decided to build a small little bathroom ventilation fan using some PC fans I had laying around the house and a 12 DC adaptor I also had around.

What you need:

1 PC Fan

1 12V DC Adaptor (You probably have one laying around the house too, you just don’t rea

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