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Pool Hack – How to Install a 50-Feet Lap Pool in your Small Yard!

Do you like swimming?  Do you have no space for a 50-feet lap pool in your backyard?  Does it snow where you live?

If you answered yes to any of those questions above, you might be happy to learn that there IS a way to install a 50-feet lap pool in your backyard or even garage!

iPool is such a pool that will let you swim practically forever using the adjustable harness.  This could be a great way to help your kids learn to swim and keep them away from big pools, which could be potentially hazardous to small toddlers.

There’s two versions of the iPool, the

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DIY – How to Make Fakeout Stereo to Deter Thieves!

Here’s a cool instructables on how to make a fakeout stereo face to deter thieves from stealing your precious stereo face.

This faceplate is made using the original Delco radio/cassette tape player that came with the truck, some Velcro, and a lot of epoxy glue. I left half of a cassette sticking out of the tape player for added effect.

Additional Fake-Out Stereo DIYs

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DIY HACK – HOWTO make a Solar-powered bike helmet with night lights!

Wow, it looks like there a lot of solar powered stuff that’s coming out lately. Check out this instructable that shows you how to make a solar powered bike helmet with night lights!

This project could be done in many different ways and I spent a lot of time trying different parts and ideas. The key breakthroughs for me were to use 3 AAA batteries, vs the 4AA’s that came with the Solar Panel because they were a better balance of weight to the right amount of power and millia

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