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Garden DIY – How to Maintain a Good Garden with a Plant Sensor!

For those of you enthusiastic gardeners out there, you might be happy to learn that there’s a better way to maintain your garden with the plant sensor.

The EasyBloom plant sensor allows you to sense humidity, water drainage, and temperature.  Simply stick it where your plants grow for a day, then stick the data via USB to your computer where you can analyze the environment where your plants are growing.

If you have a garden with inconsistent growth in certain parts, this

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Korean Food Hack – How to Make Kimchi!

Kimchi is a traditional food in Korea, lettuce marinated in spices with vegetables, fish sauce, and more.  Kimchi is a great way to get all your vitamins while keeping your stomach filled with good bacteria that your body needs.

There’s also many varieties and types of kimchees with different ingredient depending on what region of Korea the kimchee-maker is from.  (This i

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