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Wine Bottle DIY – How to Cut a Wine Bottle and Turn It into a Wine Bottle Into a Vase!

Here’s an awesome DIY that shows you how to cut a wine bottle perfectly using a bottle cutter, candle, and ice so you can use it as vase.  What an incredible idea, I think these would make awesome flower vases too!

I recommend only tackling a case of bottles at a time, because it does get tiring and they add up over time. The

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DESIGN – DIY Polaroid Flower Vase!

Check out this awesome design, a DIY Polaroid Flower Vase for small plants and alike. (via greenmuze)

Designer’s Website

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Valentines DIY – How to Make your Own Paper Roses!

For this Valentines, it might not be a bad idea after all to make one of these paper roses for your loved one.

Spice it up a little and try something less real but lasts “forever”, well sorta…

if you don’t have a bundle of money, but still want a romantic gesture for your honey, we suggest THE FOREVER BOUQUET – a kit which contains one dozen colorful paper flowers (ready to be cut), along with pre-cut wire and a pop-out vase. all you need to

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