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Wedding DIY – How to Make a Paper Flower!

One of my best friends has an exceptional ability to make paper flowers with napkins.  Well, I have a video and will upload it later this week but in the meanwhile, here’s another cool DIY that shows you how to make a paper flower.  This one is a little more complicated but could be great for weddings for sheezy.

I am hooked again and my experimental nature has taken over as my fingers itch to test out various supplies, techniques, embellishments, and uses for paper flowers, minus th

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Laptop DIY – How to Make an Acrylic Bubble Laptop Stand for under $10!

For those of you tinkerers who want to create your own laptop stand out of acrylic, here’s a great idea on how to make an acrylic bubble laptop stand for under $10.  Not only the bubbles provide good airflow for the bottom of your laptop, I can already see 100 different variations on the different types of laptop stands you can make here.

Everyone is always making laptop stands that, albeit functional, are rather hideous to look at. This becomes less than ideal when you consider that typically, when the laptop is not on the stand, you have to look at it. I wanted to fix this p

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Lady Ada’s new DIY Singing Pencil Kit!

Lady Ada, crazy-lady-hacker I met at Maker Faire 2007, has made a new fun kit that consists of a pencil that will “sing” when you draw stuff.

Our friends at Adafruit have released a fun new kit called the “Drawdio” — adapted from the original Drawdio design by Jay Silver – which lets you create a pencil that makes nois

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Online Shop Hack – How to Get 20% off pretty much Anything you buy Online!

You can easily get 20% off pretty much anything you buy if it’s part of Microsoft’s buyback program.

Here’s how you do it.  Goto Live.com and search for anything you want to buy.  Sometimes, you will have to enter the competitors product to get the discount.  (As you can see above, you get 20% off for HP laptops by searching for Dell Laptops)

I started my search at Live.com and searched for “cheap” along with some product name; I tried a few variations such as “cheap wii” and “

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DIY HACK – Sock Headphones


Here’s a great DIY on how to make some sock headphones! Just do (not) use your old stinky socks for this project. You can make a iPod sock puppet if are not so much into circuit bending. Better yet, you can even

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