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[How Do They] Make Flu H1N1 Vaccines?

You probably want to learn how they make flu, H1N1, or any vaccines.  In general, vaccines are made by incubating the virus itself into chicken eggs, then purifying the virus. (see this chart for reference)

As for H1N1, here’s a descriptive process of how the H1N1 vaccine is made:

First, “reverse genetics”, where scientists take the H and the N surface proteins from the H1N1 virus and mix them with a laboratory virus known as PR8.


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Solar Powered Fridge on a Camel!

Here’s a really neat idea, a solar powered fridge for camels so you can keep all your drinks while traveling with the Camel. This was actually primarily for transporting vaccines in the hot desert areas but heck, I’d use it to cool my beer too.

In transit, the lightweight, foldable solar panel powers the camel-pack refrigeration system. Once the camel convoy arrives at the remote health clinic site, the panel can be used in combination with larger solar panels to provide power for the health clinic. A foot-powered system provides backu

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