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UV DIY – How to Make a UV LED Exposure Box!

I thought I’d post this cool UV LED exposure box since it “looked” super cool and there’s plenty uses for this hacked gadget.

The author of the DIY UV LED box made it orginally for PCB work and whatnot but you can also use it to “disinfect” your silverware and anything that need UV-disinfecting.

Anyways, great DIY and good for reference on your future DIY project.

A UV exposure box is an extremely useful piece of kit. It can be used to make proper PCB’s. It can also be used to make other things such as intricate photo etched par

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DIY – Color Organ

Wow, check this color organ out, it almost looks like candy.

The circuit itself consists of an electret condensor microphone feeding a two stage preamplifier with a sensitivity control. The signal is then split up into three channels with individual level adjustments. Each channel has it’s own filter circuit, so that they each respond to a different range of sound frequencies, one each for treble, midrange, and bass sounds. The signal is then sent to an LED bargraph ladder circuit, with red/y

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DIY HACK – Make your own UV Flashlight!

Tool Using Animal shows us how to make a UV flashlight by simply replacing LEDs on a regular flashlight. Well I have a whole bunch of UV LEDs Alan sent me from Hackedgadgets.co

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