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Cool DIY 3D Scanner!


Several students from the Cornell Masters program have devised a cool DIY 3D scanner, might want to reference for future projects:(via hackedgadgets)

Our project implements the hardware necessary for a laser triangulation 3D scanner as well as a PC user interface for controlling the scanner and

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Windows 7 Rave and Reviews!


As a person who grew up with MS-DOS at age of 9 and deleted Command.com on the first day I got the 386SX-25Mhz PC, I still am sorta Windows fan but yes I am also one of the best critics.

Anyways, Microsoft is obviously trying to changing their bad “Vista” image with their new Windows 7, which supposedly is fully backward-compatible with V

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DIY – Make User Interface in 5 Minutes!

Here’s Zedomax User Skeleton Program that you can make in 5 minutes or so.

This should help you jump start your embedded application I think…

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