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Garrett’s USB Mouse Prank Device


I was at work trying to draw some stuff and Garrett came over with his USB Hid Portal device and plugged it into my USB hub (which was annoying at first) then suddenly my mouse started making circles on its own! So we decided to call this the USB Mouse Prank Device… There’s really no howto on this but you can check out Garrett’s past USB projects such as:

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Samsung USB Monitor coming soon

Cool, Samsung is making some new USB monitors. I wonder if they are going to be powered by USB. Probably not at 5V… But it’d be cool if you could daisy link couple USB monitors together using some USB cables…

The best thing is that these USB monitors will not require any graphics card. tight tech…

Samsung has introduced what it claims is the world’s first USB-connected display, which also needs no graphics card.

The UbiSync LCD monitor has a 19-inch 1280-by-1024 screen that uses a software graphics adap

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Wireless USB Hub available in Japan

Cool, wireless USB hubs will be available soon…

Y-E Data has shipped the first Ultra Wideband USB hub in Japan. The hub uses the Wisair chipset ahs has a small USB dongle that that connects to your computer and wirelessly communicates with a four-port USB hub. Now we just have to wait to see how long a device like this takes to get through the FCC’s pound-me-in-the-ass certification process. Come on, FCC goons. I know you wants wireles

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