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Standalone USB Duplicators Faster than USB 3.0!

For those of you looking for the fastest USB duplicators in the world (perhaps for your company’s latest marketing flash drives you will be handing out at the next tradeshow), look nowhere but at Nexcopy’s new line of standalone USB Duplicators.  It’s OS-less embedded systems are practical an

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USB Hacks – How to Remove Auto-Play Spyware/Virus From USB Flash Drives!

Sometimes, manufacturers can ship their USB flash drives with spyware or virus by accident. (or someone has hacked it on there)

Most of these spyware/viruses can be rather easy to remove with some DOS command skills.  Usually, they involve running off the Autorun.inf, which runs the moment you connect the USB flash drive to your Windows computer.

Just delete that file and you should most likely be fine to go.

via getusb

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Ubuntu Hack – How to Make a Bootable Ubuntu USB Flash Drive!

Last night I had the pleasure of making my very first bootable Ubuntu USB flash drive.  The reason I made this new Ubuntu USB flash drive was because I wanted to have a real “portable” linux system that I can run everywhere.

Where, I got it up and running in just about 5 minutes (minus the fact that I had to download the ISO file).   Ubuntu 9.10 ran flawlessly on my ASUS UL30Jt laptop, everything worked out of the box, the wireless, graphics, sound, and even my volume keys!

Anyways, let me show you how to make your own bootable Ubuntu USB flash drive.  I will sh

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Transformers USB Flash Drives! [CES Withdrawls]


I guess guys over at Toshiba booth were using Transformer USB Flash Drives to demo their new Satellite laptops.  Well, apparently, these cool Transformers USB Flash Drives were more interesting than the laptops for CNet writer Scott Stein.

You can get these on Amazon for abou

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BlackFriday CyberMonday Super Deals on USB Flash Drives!

If it’s time to get a new USB flash drive, it’s like right now as Buy.com has some of the most incredible deals on larget USB flash drives.  Compared to retail prices at BestBuy, these are a STEAL!

Sorry for the over-posting of Black Friday stuff folks, but IT’S ALMOST Black Friday and I am excited as I will be over at BestBuy in San Francisco to film the madness at 5:00am on Black friday using my new Canon EOS 7D camera.

Anyways, check out these USB Flash Drive deals:

(Deals good from 11/16 to 11/30 or while supplies last!)

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USB 3.0 Flash Drives coming soon!

The word on the street is that USB 3.0 flash drives are coming soon near December(that’s next month!). Thanks Greg for the tip!

Wouldn’t you love to have a USB flash drive that could copy files at the rate of 200MB per second?  Using a separate UAS Protocol driver with a USB 3.0 port this SuperSpeed drive can reach up to 320MB/sec transfer speeds.


It’s a bit large, but hell, who cares.  Size is 95 x 37 x13.5 mm  The USB 3.0 USB flash drive will be shipping with 32GB, 64GB and 128GB sizes.  No word on price, but let me give you an idea…at the time of

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Statue of Liberty USB Flash Drives!

These Statue of Liberty USB Flash Drives at 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB might be the perfec

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USB Flash Drive Combination Lock!

Here’s an interesting gadget that does make sense for those of you still not encrypting your data on your USB flash drives.

Of course, a better way is to software-encrypt your data but for those of us in hurry, you might be able to protect your data using this new USB lock.  Maybe they can make a digital version of this combination lock.

Or even better, get a fingerprint-enabled USB flash drive.

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Secure USB Flash Drives!

If you are thinking about getting a “secure” USB flash drive to protect your data, consider Nexcopy’s USB Secure USB Flash Drives.

Nexcopy offers the TrusCont Secure Flash Drive which are high capacity, high performance USB flash drives with enhanced functionality such as USB copy protection and full digital rights management. The TSFD offers a level of control and functionality at the end-user level which has never been seen before.

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Skateboard USB Flash Drive!

There’s a finally a non-geeky way to carry your USB flash drives.  Now you can get the SkateDrive, which is a miniture Skateboard USB you can carry about discreetly.

Action Sport Drives have teamed up with Santa Cruz to create the first and only authentic USB Flash Drive skateboards. We’ve combined this innovative design with the graphics from actual Santa Cruz skateboard.

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