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Playing Card Necklace USB Flash Drive

Max’s Note: This would make an awesome gift for your girlfriend/wife.

Here comes another one of those USB drives that allows you to carry your most important files like a piece of jewelry around your neck. This latest model is designed like a playing card! Coming with 4GB of storage, the playing card USB drive will be a fun gift for the poker addict in your life.

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VHS Hack – How to Make a VHS USB Flash Drive!

I am sure many of you are wondering why in the world you would make a VHS USB flash drive.  That’s exactly the point.

By making one of these VHS USB flash drives, you can easily and inconspicuously hide all your important  data as part of your old VHS collection that might be gathering dust anyways.

Alan from HackedGadgets has done it again, he’s made this cool retro-gadget and wants to share with you, every little detail and things you’d need to know to make one yourself, enjoy.  Great stuff Alan, keep ’em comin’ are u twittering yet?

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Glasses USB Flash Drive!

With a big amount of USB Flash Drives now getting smaller and smaller with invent of MicroSD cards, here’s a new design that might actually be useful for people who are prone to losing small things.

I find the design to be truly brilliant.  When I pack up my laptop bag there are a few things that always get packed along with my laptop, one thing being at least one book.  If you ever wanted to keep track of your U

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8GB Solid 18-Carat Gold USB Stick!

I’ve seen so many “diamond” studded iPhones that are useless, but this 8GB Solid 18-Carat Gold USB Flash Drive Keychain looks promising as it uses solid gold to keep the USB drive in-tact even when dropped from the 10th floor.  Although it’s going to cost your $599 to get one, it might be worth it as you can engrave your own “logo”.  If I can make a million bucks on the internet one day, I will get one as a souvenir.

The limited-edition drive from Super Talent Technolog

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Wooden USB Flash Drive!

I do prefer wooden USBs over plastic ones simply due to the fact that they are more shock-absorbent upon dropping them from high floors.

This one is from Japan and does indeed look pretty cool.

I like this Wooden Thumb Drive. Its casing is made of cedar wood and provides 1GB of storage capacity. The Wooden Thumb Drive retails for approx. $62 in Japan.

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Robot USB Drive!

This robot USB sucks with only 256MB, pretty much useless unless you like the form design factor.

The USB drive robot is not only functional he is a conversation piece. This little guy is a 256MB drive and includes a clasp to attach to your keychain, briefcase, or purse. Also available in 1G (Select at Checkout). His arms are flexed showing is muscle powers.  Made of plastic and metal.

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Xbox HACK – How to Run Xbox Media Center from a USB Drive!

Yes, run your Xbox media center from a USB drive. How cool is that?

We’ve shown you how to turn your classic Xbox and Mac into a super-powered media center using Xbox Media Center, but what about everybody else? Well, if you’ve got at least a 1 GB USB drive and a computer that can boot from it, you’re in luck. LiveXBMC, a blend of the XBMC and Ubuntu Linux, lets you do all the same big-screen media playing, file sharing, DVD ripping, and other media center goodness without installing a thing, but with saved settings.

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8GB Fingerprint USB Drive!

Need security for your USB drive? Here comes the fingerprint technology embedded in a USB drive. We should expect a face-recognition USB drive by end of 2010.



Advanced fingerprint recognition technology File encryption/decryption Adjustable public and private partition areas Elegant and durable rubber coated exterior One-touch fingerprint access Easy-to-grip for superior handling Capless Design, Retractable USB connector means no cap to lose S

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Steampunk USB Drives!

Steampunk USB drive, looks pretty awesome!

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Halo Master Chief mimobot®

Wow, check out these cool Halo USB drives! They are actually running out of these all the time so you better pre-order one if you want to get one for yourself.

Now available for pre-order and shipping Oct. 18: In celebration of the ultimate shooter, Halo 3, introducing Halo mimobot® Series 1 Designer USB Flash Drives! Produced in limited edition and in conjunction with Microsoft and Bungie Studios, Master Chief, Red Spartan and Blue Spartan are now available in mimob

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