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Wall Socket USB Hub!

Here’s an awesome Wall Socket USB Hub that lets you practically screw your USB hub onto the wall so it stays permanent more or less.

Plug your USB device as easy as using your wall socket. Designed with an ordinary wall socket outlook with a magnetic back and hooks for steel or wooden desk. Each USB port is spread out to reduce space problems. The hub is bus-powered, and does not require an AC adaptor. Each USB connection is corresponded with the USB2.0 high speed mode. Available only from Elecom, Japan.

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Browse and Clean your Desk with the USB Cleaner Mouse!

Just like the Robo Vacuum, this USB device/mouse cleans your desk.  Sounds like a much better deal if you can click and clean your desk.

The USB Cleaner Mouse is both a normal computer mouse with two buttons and a scroll wheel and a tiny vacuum cleaner that keeps your desktop clean by only pressing one button that’s located on the lower right side of the mouse. The dust is kept inside a small compartment untill you decide to empty it.

It looks a little wierd and

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DIY HACK – How to make your own Sawed-Off USB Cable!

Yey, here’s a fun little DIY for those of you who want to mask your secret USB drives as a “Sawed-Off USB Cable“.

This might prove to be the best security protection you ever had for your USB device. (Why didn’t I think of this before???)

Holy crap– somebody just went and TORE MY FREAKING USB CABLE IN HALF while it was still attached to my laptop!!!

No– wait– sorry. That’s just my USB drive. My bad. Never mind.

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