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Palm Pre USB Cable!

I just lost my Palm Pre USB cable and ended up spending $100 that I didn’t need to.  I guess the retail stores STILL don’t sell the Palm Pre USB cables, what a bummer.

Well, if you have a Palm Pre, prepare yourself against such loss by getting these on Amazon for only a buck each!  Also, there’s an emergency double-A battery charger which might come in handy for all your traveling.

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Griffin PowerDocks can power 2 iPhone/iPods!

Griffin PowerDocks can power 2 iPhone/iPod devices at once.

What do I think?

I think it’s overpriced at about $50 and useless technology when I can simply use by USB cables to charge both of my iPhone and iPod Touches.

Then again, if you got money to burn, GET ONE!

Does your family own a family of iPod or iPhone models? Can you only find one charger when all of you need to recharge? Call a cease-fire with PowerDock, a charging base where every iPod and iPhone in the house can get together to charge its batteries.

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