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Newnex USB 3.0 Repeater Cable Hands-on Review!

I had the pleasure of talking to the President of Newnex, Dr. Sam Liu at CES 2010 (Thank you btw for the interview.), who was demonstrating the world’s very first USB 3.0 repeater cable that can extend the standard maximum length of USB 3.0 of 3 meters to 12 meters. This little repeater cable and device consumes very little power yet can possibly let your USB 3.0 device work at a distance 4 times longer.  I am not sure if multiple repeaters can be used to go even further (although probably not), this still is a great solution to USB length problems w

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Palm Pre USB Cable!

I just lost my Palm Pre USB cable and ended up spending $100 that I didn’t need to.  I guess the retail stores STILL don’t sell the Palm Pre USB cables, what a bummer.

Well, if you have a Palm Pre, prepare yourself against such loss by getting these on Amazon for only a buck each!  Also, there’s an emergency double-A battery charger which might come in handy for all your traveling.

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VHS Hack – How to Make a VHS USB Flash Drive!

I am sure many of you are wondering why in the world you would make a VHS USB flash drive.  That’s exactly the point.

By making one of these VHS USB flash drives, you can easily and inconspicuously hide all your important  data as part of your old VHS collection that might be gathering dust anyways.

Alan from HackedGadgets has done it again, he’s made this cool retro-gadget and wants to share with you, every little detail and things you’d need to know to make one yourself, enjoy.  Great stuff Alan, keep ’em comin’ are u twittering yet?

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Travel Gadget – 5-Port USB AC Charger that works on 110VAC and 220VAC!

Here’s a cool 5-port USB AC charger that will work on multiple AC channels including 110AC and 220AV overseas.  This might come very handy if you are a world-traveler.

Included 4 USB ports and 1 Mini USB Cable. Recharge on the go .The travel charger makes it . LED charge indicator. Overload protection. Overheat protection Short circuit protection. Compatible with all USB charge cable use. Alternative plug for U.S,UK,Australia,Asi

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Peek Email Device Dissected!

Remember the Peek E-mail device that’s going to replace your Blackberry?  Well, here’s a reader who decided to see what’s “inside”.

Looks really well made – I was impressed by the aluminum backbone that supports the keyboard and the screen. The insides are very simple – just a few highly integrated chips. I haven’t hooked up the micro USB cable yet… I’m sure someone will beat me to it!


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Seamour Sheep USB LED Lamp!

Seamour Sheep Radioactive USB Lamp!

Believe it or not, counting sheeps at night works to help you go to sleep.  (Of course,  there’s always “greener” way to help you sleep too if you know what I mean.)

Check out these Seamour Sheep Radioactive USB LED Lamp that looks, quite frankly, really cute.

You can get one for $69 over at rotofugi.com.  These would make great gifts for anyone including yourself, do you have extra $69 to shell out of

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1.5-inch Digital Photo Frame!

For portability and dual-action as an alarm clock, this 1.5-inch Digital Photo Frame will do just that with an internal memory that can hold 60 of your most favorite photos.


    Display screen Size: 1.5h Colour panel Resolution 128×128 pixels PC linking USB2.0 Memory Built-in flash, stores up to 60 photos Other function Calendar, Alarm, Temperature and Real Time display function Interface Mini USB 2.0 connection to PC Operating temperature range -5 ~ 40Ž OSD Language English Gift-box/ Manual language 14 languages: English, Russia,

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USB iBuddy – MSN Messenger Alert Lights!


Here’s USB iBuddy, an MSN Messenger alert light basically. It even has wings, just like RedBull.

You can buy it here:

iBuddy at Brando.com.uk for $20

iBuddy at Firebox.com for $24.95

iBuddy at BuyiBuddy.com f

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CheckTap is a “Programmable” Power Tap Device!

This is one of those gadgets, “why didn’t they think of this before?”.  The power tap device called CheckTap can be programmed via your PC through a USB cable to control and also schedule which and when your devices are on/off.

This gadget supposedly could save your home/office a whole lotta electricity, so long as you can “program” it.  I do assume that most people will be able to program this thing but do have my doubts that over 50% of population will probably be stuck trying to

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Blackberry 9000 rumored to come in cheaper and w/o 3G

Blackberry 9000 is rumored to come in cheaper form and without 3G.  As a user of the latest 8830, “Are u kidding me?”

Without high speed data, it will make the Blackberry useless, especially for people like me who can use it as a broadband modem simply by connecting a USB cable.

So you know how we’ve been talking about the BlackBerry 9000’s ridiculously high selling price? Well, it looks like RIM is gearing up to launch a 3G-less BlackBerry 9000 so to speak. It looks pretty similar but there are also a few changes to the des

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