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Circuit Hack – How to Make a DeskSquid Helping Hand for All your Soldering Projects!

As someone who enjoys soldering various different stuff, this is a great helping hand for doing your soldering projects.  I can remember countless times where I didn’t have enough hands and failed to solder perfectly but this gizmo will let you do that, and you can make it yourself!

If you are doing a lot of soldering, I highly recommend you make this FIRST!

I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to build and it was just a matter of execution. Now, this certainly isn’t the cheapest solution, a pair of the original helping han

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E-store DIY – How to Make an AJAX 1-Click Shopping Cart using Shopify E-Commerce!

Okay, today I will show you how to make an AJAX a-Click shopping cart using Shopify.com, an e-commerce hosting company I have used over and over for last couple years.

First, let me tell you I have done my research on various different shopping carts as I have made shopping carts for different companies.

So far, the best and simplest shopping cart/hosting is Shopify.  I’ve tried X-cart and OScommerce but they need WAY too much customization.

Shopify has a default t

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AT&T BlackBerry Bold Review – Don’t Buy It!

As many of you readers know, I only post things that I can backup on this blog and to say the least, don’t buy the AT&T Blackberry Bold because I tried it last night and it’s as slow as your 3G iPhone.

It was my friend’s birthday in downtown San Francisco, (I also did test the 3G iPhone along with the Blackberry Bold) and had the chance to use his new AT&T Blackberry Bold.

Well, the benchmark was of course with my Sprint Blackberry 8830.  Aside from mobile internet speed issues, the Blackberry Bold proved to be bul

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more iPhone Hacks – can’t afford an iPhone? Don’t worry.


Yes, this hacks been around for awhile like an old whor*. Anyways, check out the Window iPhone hack if you refuse to get an iPhone for some odd reason or you just can’t afford one.  Well, this hack doesn’t really implement all the cool touch features of a real iPhone but at least you can be a wannabe for sure. :p

Today I’ll highlight a couple of methods for skinning y

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