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Yahoo to demo its upcoming oneConnect service


Here’s an interesting web app that Yahoo’s workin’ on that will bring not only instant messenger service but all type of social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, etc…etc… Looks pretty good, not that I’d use it.

Yahoo demonstrated its upcoming oneConnect service at MWC 2008 held in Barcelona, Spain. It will be the first mobile product with an open architecture that aggregates communications tools such as email, instant messaging (IM), text messaging (SMS), and social networks.


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GNGWC2007 at Seoul on December 1st!

Yey, the World online gamers’ festival, GNGWC2007(Game and Game World Championship 2007) will be held at COEX-Pacific hall on Dec. 1st in Seoul, Korea. You can watch streaming videos on the GNGWC site. I wonder what games they are going to play. (Probably StarCraft, well, I’d only watch it if it’s Starcraft…)

They are competing for $54 grand, which isn’t too bad of a prize for the winner. (But I hear these Pro-gamers get at lea

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The world-famous Coca-Cola and Korean online games entered into a partnership.

Coca Cola is partnering with Korean online games to promote online games through Coca Cola. I am guessing the one on the left is a representative from Coca Cola and the one on the right is probably the CEO of the Korean online games company???

Okay, here’s the answer:

For this purpose, KIPA dispatched Vice President Taek Min Kwon of the Digital Contents Business Group and working staff to Hong Kong and signed an MOU on joint pro

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Silicon Mouse Pad

Check out these nice “Silicon” Mousepads! They must feel different…

I like the shiny part…

SEOUL, Korea (AVING) — <Visual News> Skydigital(www.SkyOK.co.kr) launched its black silicon mouse pad ‘nano G-PAD’ in Korea market, which has smooth surface like that of glass.

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The world first mmo e-Sports league finished its European match

Wow. take a look at these guys, they are getting a little serious here with all the games. We will keep an eye on how much the winner wins this year. (OR how much money they get from their sponsors…)

The world’s first MMO e-sports global league (Game and Game World Champion 2007) finished its European final rounds in the Game Convention held in Leipzig on August 23th. Couples, friends and all other mmo lovers got together and showed their best practice for the final eleven who will make it to the grand fi

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Cellphone Globe – Recycled cellphones

Here’s a great way to make some new technological art using old cellphones. But what are those guys doing? Are they supposed to be part of the art???

Samsung unveiled ‘mobile-globe’, its glove-shaped creation in Ukraine, which is made of Samsung mobile phones from the old model to the latest ones such as Jasper Morrison phone and Ultra Edition 10.9. The creation has been established at Caravan shopping mall in Kiev, Ukraine in order for brand exposure of Samsung.

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Samsung 42″ PDP TVs frustrate Korean Customers

It looks like the new Samsung 42″ PDP TVs are really bugging the hell out of Korean customers… Which is good news for us in the US since all the Koreans do beta-testing for us… (Well, I am Korean too but I don’t live there…)

Well, it’s a good thing that Samsung did fix the problem by recalling them but still, who wants to buy a big ass TV and expect to see half?

Last June 21, Korea Consumer Agency, a governmental organization established to protect consumer rights and interests, announced that regarding S

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Infrared Sensor Mouse

Here’s a cool infrared sensor enabled mouse instead of a traditional laser one. My question is, why go back in technology? Maybe it’s safer and more accurate although I don’t see how it can be more accurate than a laser mouse. BUT, the laser mouses do have problems of not working well on glass or rough surfaces… This might actually be a good invention afterall. Will they send us a sample???

P.S. Yes, a mouse is blogg

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LaptopTablet turns any laptop into a touchscreen!

Wow, check out this cool gizmo that will turn your laptop into a touchscreen! (if it ain’t touchscreen already)

NAVIsis(www.navisis.com) presented its ‘Laptop Tablet’ that supports tablet functionality to a general laptop. Just attaching it on LCD monitor frame and connecting it to USB port, you can enjoy tablet on your laptop monitor. Suggested price is 130(USD).

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Color Changing Wall Lights

Check out these color changing wall lights. Looks pretty simple, doesn’t it? We could probably hack one out…

…presented its home lighting ‘BAROM Light’ with LED during Kyung Hyang Housing Fair 2007 in Seoul, Korea. Various interior moods could be made; besides three colors(RGB), it offers nine pastel colors as well.

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