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Nexus One Gets Updated with Multi-Touch!

Here’s some good news for Nexus One users, Google has officially updated its latest Android 2.1 update with full multi-touch support! Hurray! Apparently, my Nexus One still isn’t updating but Google says the update should be rolling out to everyone by end of the week.

That means we no longer need to

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Zedomax Server Updated Finally – WordPress Restore HOWTO also

Yes, now we can go about 100 times faster I’d say since we are no longer sharing our website with bunch of other websites, we got own web server! It took 6 hours for me to move the site from shared host on bluehost.com to a dedicated server elsewhere.

Thanks to help from the tech support, I was able to troubleshoot the problem. When using phpMyAdmin to restore your WordPress database, sometimes you will get errors if you try to restore the whole database with one file.

The best way I found was to take couple table at a time when backing up or “Exporting

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