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Google’s Knol Project Update – Lots of BUZZ on the Internet

Wow, it seems like search results for “Knol Project” is multiplying at the rate of every hour! It’s amazing how no one has really even tried this new Knol Project yet, there’s so much buzz going around the internet. We think Knol Project will be basically Google’s new knowledge database that will add nicely to their portfolio of search knowledge database.

Although we predict that Knol Project will never be

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Apple updates patent for touchscreen device

Cool, now you can take a look at the touchscreen technology…

Remember that Apple patent that we eyed back in early September? You know, the one that patented the merging of various electronic devices into a single gadget? Well, it’s back and better than ever before — it’s an update to U.S. patent application Serial No. 11/367,749, and is entitled “Multi-Functional Hand-Held Device.” So how’s this patent different from the last time? It’s not, really, but it provides a fair bit more

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