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Linux Time – How to Set the Time and Date using Command Date!

I just noticed that my web server’s time was ahead by 10 hours for some reasons.  If you run linux dedicated servers, you will want to know how to do this.  I know there’s many ways to do it but this is the simplest/fastest method.

Here’s a really simple way to set time and date on any linux/unix system:

date – Would list the date and time of the server. Below is an example of the output.

Thu Feb 8 16:47:32 MST 2001

date -s “11/20/2003 12:48:00” – Set the date to the date and time shown.

date ‘+DATE: %m/%d/

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Windows XP runs on iPhone with Citrix!

Here’s a cool news that you can run Windows XP remotely on an iPhone.  Which doesn’t surprise me since that’d be a good way to check up on your home computer while traveling.  The funny thing is it uses “unix” app to do that, meaning there’s Unix underlying the whole thing so if Windows gives you a blue death screen, you will still be okay.

Windows XP, seen below running on the iPhone, was loaded using Citrix’s thin client desktop software XenDesktop. Using the Citrix ICA client — a UNIX application tha

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Pizza Hack – How to Order Dominos Pizza via Linux/Unix Command Line…why?


Okay, here’s a video of how you can order Dominos PIzza via your Linux/Unix command line.  Why?

So you can setup cron-jobs daily and get your pizza ordered automatically.

via hackedgadgets

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Top 10 Reasons Why Linux will be on every PC in 10 Years!

1. Linux is free, open-source platform operating system that’s being developed by engineers all over the world.

2. Linux is not 1 operating system, there are hundreds of different Linux systems including embedded Linux.

3. Google is supporting embedded Linux for mobile phones with its Android platform with thousands of app builders.

4. In 5 years, all desktop applications will be available online, there will be no need to use Microsoft Outlook, Word, or any of that shit.

5. Linux is already taking near 50% market of mini-notebooks, netbooks, whatever.

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