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DragonLasers Spartan 250mW Green Laser Reviewed!

(During the day killing a bug in my shoe and in my dark bathroom)

Remember I did a review on a 125mW Viper green laser last year?

Well Frank from DragonLasers sent me a Spartan GW 250mW green laser so I can show you guys how cool it is. The beam is much bigger this time and as you can see in the video, it’s WAY more powerful. Everytime my friends come over, t

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Wind Power to power your gadgets!

Here’s a cool gadget called HyMini that will wind power to re-charge your gadgets.  Although it’s a hefty price to pay at $50, it probably beats building one yourself.  (You could make one for about $20 for sure.)  They did overprice this thing probably for the design.  If they mass-produced it in the near future, it should only cost you around 5 bucks.

If you drive to work on the highway a lot, this might come in handy as you can simply hang it out your window for some nice 80mph win

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