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Robot Underwear for Your Lover!

Robot Underwear for Your Lover!

Now is your chance to geekify your lover with these Robot underwear.  Of course, don’t get too corny otherwise you might not get some.  Robots thong would look kinda cool… (imagine a hot woman wearing it)

Allover screen printed robots, hearts, and lightening bolts. Linked strings at waist. Cotton liner. 95% cotton/5% spandex. Machine wash. Imported.

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Bullet-proof Bras for German Policewomen!

Not sure how well these bullet-proof bras would work in real life but it surely doesn’t look like too much protection in comparison with the metal bra.

These bullet-resistant bras are made available for 3,000 German police women who are in front-line duty. If a female office is shot wearing just a bullet-proof vest, she can suffer from injuries sustained from metallic or plastic parts of ordinary underwear. The new bras, however, are shielded and mainly made of cotton, polyester, spa

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Urine collecting Underwear could save millions of Tax Payers’ money!


Here’s underwear made for pilots so they can go pee while flying. I guess there has been cases in the past where pilots would crash due to their inability to flush themselves while in the air.

Think of how much each jet plane costs, like $30 million!

This little stupid underwear could possibly let me pay less taxes. Or at least see that tax money goes to education and poverty instead of jet planes.

The Advanced Mission Extender Device (“

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Underwear that senses Blood Pressure!

Here’s a new underwear that senses blood pressure.  Maybe there’s some nice uses for this in the medical field.

However, researchers have recently found that a person’s “pulse wave velocity” is closely linked to blood pressure. This is the rate at which the pulse pressure wave passes through the blood circulatory system.

Sensors sewn into the waistband of a person’s underpants can measure the rate of this wave, consumer electronics company Philips has discovered, and

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