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Tax Hack – How to Save Money on Taxes This Year!

If you haven’t still done your taxes like me, (or finished it) make sure to check out my post on how to digitize your tax records first.  Then, make sure you know about the following facts so you don’t get ripped off Uncle Sam this year:

Recovery rebate credit. This credit is last year’s stimulus payment with a slightly different name. Most taxpayers who filed taxes last year already got their full payment—up to $1,200

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Sprint Pro-Rating Early Termination Fees!

Here’s a breaking news that will actually help consumers to save money while helping them get new phones without paying the traditional, outrageous $200 early-termination fees.

As a Sprint user, I can testify that it’s easier for me to get a new phone with this new pro-rating.  Finally, consumers have won a long-battle with the telecommunication companies.

I also think this will actually benefit the telecommunication companies more as people can now start buying new cellphones without waiting for their contract to end.


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Future Hovering Spy Drones Reviewed!


Here’s an interesting video on future hovering spy drones.  Well, my hopes are there are no wars in the future and that these future hovering spy drones will only serve to prevent wars.  Where are my tax dollars damn Uncle Sam?

This video shows, which is a lot of fun to watch, shows STARMAC, the Stanford Testbed of Autonomous Rotorcraft for Multi-Agent, described as “a testbed of 6 quadrotor helicopter unmanned aerial vehicles that fly indoors and outdoors to experiment with autonomou

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