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Mvix Ultio Pro HD Media Player Unboxing!

Mvix just sent me the Mvix Ultio Pro HD Media Player, it has a ton of features like room for a SATA hard drive (up to 2TB), 2 USB ports for connecting external hard drives or adding WiFi capability with a WiFi USB dongle, ability to act as a standalone Bittorrent client, and of course streaming videos/photos off your computer via your home network.

Also, it does YouTube, CNN, Hulu, and much

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Google Nexus One Unboxing Video! [iPhone KILLER]


After getting a nice 12-hour sleep after a long journey back from Las Vegas from CES 2010, I quickly headed out to my local FedEx office at 90MPH, where my Google Nexus One phone was being held for almost a week!  I ordered my Nexus One phone the day before my flight to Vegas and too bad, it shipped the day I left.

But FedEx guys were nice enough to hold it for me until today so I got it!  This is the first “official” Google phone since Google is selling it themselves, not other carriers.

I also got to tr

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Canon 7D Unboxing and First Shots!

Yey, I finally got my hands on a Canon 7D camera, here’s my unboxing video as soon as I got it from Amazon.  It only took 2 days, also see all the stuff I ordered along with my Canon 7D here, still waiting on the camera bag, which is sorta essential for me to carry it everywhere and take photos/HD videos…

Canon 7D Unboxing video:


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HP Firebird 802 Unboxing Review!

Okay, the guys over at Engadget are always receiving “free” stuff and also complaining but heck, I am jealous. :p

Anyways, they have some “pictures” you can see before they do a full review of this new HP Firebird gaming PC.

The Firebird itself looks just as nice in our living room as it did at CES, but there are some sad surprises here — the super-heavy external power brick has a troublesomely lame connector, and the included wireless keyboard is pretty simply crap — the slightest downward pressure basica

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