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DIY Sony UX490 UMPC Hacked with HSPA Modem and Dual(QUAD) Boot Windows and Mac!

Check out this little Sony UX490 UMPC that has been hacked with a voice-capable HSPA modem and quad boot options for Windows XP Pro, Windows Vista Business, Windows 7 Ultimate and Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.7.

I don’t know why you would need all those different operating systems for such a little device but still, it’s a quite an achievement.  I want one.

Only thing missing, what happened to my ol’ linux?

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CUPC-P80 – Developmental UMPC?

Here’s another cool device CuPC-P80, a sorta developmental UMPC, it almost reminds me of a PSP with Windows XP loaded on it.

This device runs on 12VDC, which means it can easily be hooked up to your car, I see a lot of potential using it as in-car PC.  Just hook up some USB GPS and broadband modem and you got a mobile station right there on your car.

This CuPC-P80 runs AMD Geode LX800 500Mhz processor, 512MB of DDR, and 4GB of Flash harddrive.

It also comes with bunch of

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Nokia N810 WiMAX Edition Out!

Nokia N810 WiMAX rolls out, it’s a tablet PC/Oversized PDA/UMPC that is the very first WiMAX-enabled device you can buy today.  It looks like the industry has been keeping WiMAX on the down-low, meaning they were ALL making WiMAX devices probably at least a year before. (mostly for Asian countries who’ve had WiMAX for last 2 years now)

Now, everyone who ever knew complained WiMAX will suck can just shut up, thank you very much,   W

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WiMax, Mini-Laptops, and Intel’s Support

A lot of tech bloggers (I won’t name them here) have been bashing how crappy WiMAX is when they haven’t even used it or don’t even know what the chip manufacturers are doing.

Well, finally here’s proof.  At least if Intel is thinking of new CPUs with WiMAX support, it’s going to explode!

I am going to get one of these cool UMPC with WiMax embedded.

Look at the logos of companies already making WiMAX devices, the future is c

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Samsung UMPC with WiMAX

Like this new UMPC? Maybe not. But WiMAX (officially termed IEEE 802.16e) is a technology we won’t see in the US for another 3 to 5 years. Why? Because all the telephone networks companies are still making lots of money selling old technology. (Well, that’s the way it’s always here…)

Why am I fretting about this? Because companies like Samsung have been making t

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UMPC Everun

After we got invited to Aving.net, it seems like we have so much more to post. (It feels like we are at the Maker Faire everyday now) Although you could just goto their website, it’s always better to mix it with some DIYs and HACKs at zedomax.com. (And we have other “bedding”, “stinky”, and “dabomb” news hidden at the bottom of our website) Also check out our newest site, Keetsa! blog, if you haven̵

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