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Samurai Sword Umbrella!

With rainy season in some cities around the country like San Francisco here, you might want to get a cool umbrella like this Samurai Sword Umbrella to make your walk to work more fun.  Yes, become a warrior the next time you walk in the rain.


Thai Food Hack – How to Make Coconut Milk!

I have to admit that I have been blessed with lots of desire to learn new types of food.  Lately, I have been mastering the art of making Thai food, my favorite is Tom Kha Gai, which of course, requires some coconut milk.

Although I have heard that coconut milk is simply the juice from the coconut milk, I have never seen it in person but I did find this cool food hack on how to make coconut milk.


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UNbrella Brolly – An Ultraportable Umbrella

Here’s a real sticky idea for greening our cities with this portable umbrella that can turn any wide paper/plastic into an ultraportable umbrella.

Now, just make sure to use something better than a newspaper for the cover.

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How to Make an Umbrella Parabolic Microphone!


Check out how to make an umbrella parabolic microphone!

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Unbreakable Super Strong Umbrella!

The unbreakable super umbrella can help you protect yourself against thieves and also might save you where a strong pole thingee is needed.

I wonder how the umbrella itself holds up against the wind, maybe it could be great for golf too.

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Sunbrella is an Umbrella with Solar Powered Fans!

Here’s a new innovative way to change your next beach outing forever with the sunbrella that can re-use the sun’s rays to power its fans and cool you off while you bath in the sun.

With so many uses, the Sun-Brella is a pretty neat tool, not only do you get a bit of from the sun; you can also get power from it at the same time. The device has been designed to supposedly power a small fridge how true that is remains to seen.

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DIY HACK – Umbrella Squirt Gun!

Yey, it’s been rainin’ crazy here in San Fran. I saw 2 car accidents right in front of my apartment. But here’s a great way to make use of your umbrella and turn it into a “fun” device.

This unique, funnel shaped umbrella harnesses the flow of rainwater down into its handle, a water pistol. The user can fire at will, maintaining a constant flow of water as long as rain continues to fall.

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