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ASUS UL30Jt Might Come with WiMax!

I just took a look over at ASUS UL30Jt manual (which is available on ASUS support page) and noticed that there’s an Intel WiMAX driver, meaning ASUS UL30Jt could be shipped with WiMAX-capabilities.

This isn’t surprising as HTC and Sprint just announced their first-ever 4G WiMax Android phone the HTC Evo.

I am not sure exactly how WiMax works but it could be that you might be able to sign up for 1 WiMax account (and maybe they give you a login and password) so you can also use it straight from your laptop without a WiMax USB

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ASUS UL30A, UL30VT, UL30JT 8-Cell Battery!

For those of you who have bought an ASUS UL30A, UL30Vt, or UL30Jt, you can get a replacement battery for about $90 on eBay.

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ASUS UL30Jt Hands-on Review CES 2010

UPDATE: March 16th 2009 – ASUS UL30Jt FCC approval/manual LEAKED, it should be coming reeeaaal soon!

UPDATE2: ASUS UL30Jt now available on Amazon for $849! (shipping on 8/15/10)

I had a great time visiting the ASUS booth today, here’s the first hands-on review of the ASUS UL30Jt, which has exact physical specs as t

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