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HDTV Hack – How to Build an UHF HDTV Antenna!

With HDTV signals freely available, for those of you who want to get free HDTV channels, you might want to look into making your own custom HDTV antenna such as the one featured here.   I know it can help a lot since this guy’s already tested it and says it’s better than his Yogi antenna.

I built this bowtie style antenna in about an hour and can’t believe the way it out performs that other antenna. Swear to GOD! I am hitting 88 to 99 signal strength on all my channels now with NO DROPOUTS AT ALL!!!!


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Linux DIY Hack – HOW TO – Scan the ‘waves with your TV card

Wow, here’s a cool way to put your old linux box to good use…TV wave hacking!

AMXL shows you how to use a SAA7134 based TV card and Debian to tune in to all sorts of waves you can’t normally get with your TV… Looks like it will work with many of the TV cards out there too… – “If you have a TV capture card in your computer, you probably already have all the hardware you need to listen in on much more than just TV and radio (only software changes a

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