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Make magazine vol 08!


I just got my new make magazine volume 8, cool cover aey?


List of running Applications and Games on Wine


Here’s a good site with a list of running applications and games on wine so you can run Windows programs in Linux or Ubuntu.

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DIY Hack – Wireless Keyboard Range Boost Hack


Okay, after a long work week, we are back relaxing at Lincoln Park in San Francisco…  Weather is very nice today and I got a lot of sleep (like 12 hours).  Tonight, we will cook some good food but before doing so:

Here’s how to extend your wireless keyboard range via hackedgadgets.  I wonder if you can do this to

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HOWTO Ubuntu 6.10 Server – Perfect Setup


Here’s a cool ubuntu howto on a perfect server setup. Zedomax will eventually run on a ubuntu, well right now it’s running on fedora core 4 from aplus.net…

via howtoforge

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Linux Distro rankings


Here’s a cool site that shows Linux distro rankings and more.

via distrowatch

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Linux shortcuts


Here’s some cool linux shortcuts. complete list via pio’s blog

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Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft Review


Here’s a cool article on the new Ubuntu 6.10. The above picture i think is the 3D window system…

As of October 26, Ubuntu has released their latest Linux operating system, version 6.10 aka Edgy Eft, which can be downloaded here. Ubuntu has been the up and coming star company in the Linux O.S. scene for the last couple of years. They just seem to get more popular with each release and along with their releases getting better with each release. I would dare say they have nearly the cult following like Appl

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Ubuntu 6.10 released!


Well, I guess I am couple days slow, but, yes, Ubuntu version 6.10 released! I can’t wait to play with it. What is Ubuntu? It’s the most popular linux OS today, with the idea that linux should be made for human beings. Kinda cool slogan. via ubuntu

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Alzip – Best zipping and unzipping FREE software


This is the best zipping and unzipping software I’ve found so far. It supports even linux tar tgz files! Best of all, it’s free!

They even got some free FTP software called AlFTP, which is pretty neat too.

Since I switch back and forth between my Ubuntu linux desktop all the time, Alzip helps a lot when I need to find certain files in a tar tgz files on my Windows system.

You can also download AlZIP and AlFTP on zedomax here:

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Pet Feeding Automation Video – ubuntu cat feeder revisited

[gv data=”KI0X_jq2SDs”][/gv] hmm… this cat feeder is great, simple to make, all it’s using is a cron process to schedule a cd eject command… but kinda bulky, let me see what we can do here to trim down a whole PC to a microcontroller level… we will first need a cat though, don’t have a cat…maybe a dog?

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