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DIY Linux DoS HACK – HOWTO Limit your the max number of TCP connections to your Web Server!

I have been reading the following book called, Linux Server Hacks, which shows you many ways you can hack your Linux server so your server doesn’t die.

This actually works since we just had a DoS attack about 5 minutes ago. (It seems like we are getting more and more DoS attacks these days. You can refer to the

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Dell Ubuntu

Cool, Dell is going to be supporting Ubuntu! This is a sign that Linux and open source movement are taking over the world soon not to mention the cool open source CMS softwares like WordPress, Joomla, Pligg, etc…etc…  This is a surprise from the company that announced to not ship their products with Linux in the past.

Ever since we heard that Dell would ship computers with Linux pre-installed, we wondered which flavor it would be. It doesn’t

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Free Software Open Source heckler while Bill Gates speaking at a China university

Cool, this guy jumped out while Bill Gates was speaking at Peking University in China. I think Microsoft should go open-source…

Wen sez, “On April, 20th, Bill Gates went to Peking University to give a talk titled “Creativity, China, Future”. After the talk, someone held a piece of paper written with ‘Free software, Open source’ rushed to the stage before Mr. Gates while spoke word to support open source software. It is

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If you use Linux, you know Xeyes is a simple program that follows your mouse movements. You can check out some web examples of Xeyes. You can even paste this javascript code on your website for Xeyes on the web.

Anyway, Hunz created physical Xeyes that stands on his w

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DIY Linux/Ubuntu – How to set up a custom firewall using iptables

DIY Linux - How to set up a custom firewall using iptables

Here’s a cool DIY I stumbled onto today that shows you how to setup a custom firewall using iptables. This might not be for those of you who already have a GUI server management system but it’s good to know just in case your GUI goes down…

After getting some problems with firestarter i decided to get knowledge about iptables and how to set my own firewall script and want to share this experience for users who want to set a custom firewall up quickly. The

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Do you need to learn to install VMware on your new Fedora or Ubuntu? Here’s a cool site that has a massive collection on VMware howtos.

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HowtoHut.com for HOWTOs and DIYs

Check out HowtoHut for some cool howtos and DIYs. I think they are new but I see some cool info so…

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DIY HACK – How to install Ubuntu Linux on a flash drive

Here’s a cool howto on installing your Ubuntu to a flash drive!

This’d be great for people like me since I can take Ubuntu with me everywhere.

via lifehacker

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Ubuntu 6.10 – free alternative over Windows Vista



Check out this video of the new Ubuntu 6.10!



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More Matchstick rockets from Mr. Blank


You can submit your DIY ideas to Mr. Blank if it is too classified or you are too shy. Mr. Blank is an open-source guy personality, cool… Also, check out his first matchstick rocket video!  (yes, up there dude…or  grrrr….)

Blank (me) is an open-source identity that web denizens can use if they want to show the world some great DIY, but are too shy (or if the DIY is of a ne

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