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iPhone Nike+ Interface Leaked!

Here’s some leaked pics of what the Nike+ would look like working with the iPhone.  You do have to admit iPhone is useless for fast internet browsing on the go but it may proved to be a very good tool for running around like crazy and graphing out how you ran.

the biggest improvement over the old Nike system may be Google Maps support:

We don’t know just how robust the Nike+ maps support will be, but mapping routes directly on the iPhone could make for more organized training sessions. If only we

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Energy saving Billboard LEDS powered by a bike!

Here’s some good effort to saving earth’s energy and good advertisement for the company mentioned in the billboard ad.

Last week in downtown Vancouver the billboard you see above was exlusively powered by volunteers pedaling a single bicycle over a span of about 5 days. The advertisement was sponsored by DDB/Vancouver and BC Hydro (hydro is a Canadian term for power or electricity) to show off how energy-efficient LED Christmas lights are. While the reindeer used on the billbo

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Robot Testing in homes

I don’t know about a secret army but seems like these robots would be fun to have around…bring me beer…fetch newspaper…turn on heater…etc…etc…

South Koreans are moving toward a robotic society with the Korean Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) launching the pilot program of the national ‘Ubiquitous Robot Companion’ last week.This pilot program comprises of 1,000 of five different robot models whic

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Upcoming LCD Technology – Touchscreen LCD with pressure sensors

This touchscreen slightly different from traditional touchscreens since it can sense over 1000 different pressure senses.

The Wacom Cintiq is very different from the rest of it’s brethren, featuring an LCD monitor with an integrated touchscreen sensor, making it a graphic tablet-LCD monitor hybrid. With 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity that can be differentiated at the input area, the Cintiq is highly recommended for those who dabble in drawings and

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Impressive Robot Puppy

You know how much it costs to grow a real puppy? Yes, you do have to be responsible and make sure to treat your dog right. Well, if you are a busy person with no time for real puppy, then you can get a robot puppy until you do have enough time.

Lucky the incredible Wonder Pet from Zizzle is a furry version of a dumbed down Sony Aibo, but it should have enough tricks up its paws to keep the tiny ones happy, at least for a while. It is amazing how Zizzle managed to includ

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LED changing Mouse

Cool mouse that changes colors.

Why not spruce up your desktop with the Optical USB MultiColor Mouse MI-2330 from Trust? This mouse comes with a top layer made from rubber, with an LED lining which is capable of switching between any 7 colors for a constantly different look. The MI-2330 makes for an affordable gift as it costs a mere $15, and although it won’t be able to save the world, at least it offers something different from the deluge of desktop mice out there.

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