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Virginia Earthquake’s Seismic Waves march across the US!

About 12 hours after Virginia’s earthquake hit, I “felt” an earthquake right here in California, which I am 100% certain caused by seismic waves that traveled across the U.S. and caused a 3.6 magnitude earthquake in Oakland, California.

Well, I thought that was just my guess, today I found this video on YouTube animating that’s what actually happened!

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What Kinds of Solar Power Incentives are Available in the U.S.?

*Note – This is a guest blog post from Shannon Bell from ResidentialSolarPanels.org.  Thanks Shannon!  I’ve always wondered how government credits work with residential solar panels, now I know.

Over the years, you have seen your power bills increase for a variety of reasons. Sources are inconsistent, and methods to generate power are becoming more expensive. Ultimately, many of the resources we use are non-renewable.

Coal, gas and oil are finite commodities. To encourage people to reduce thei

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Broadband Still Lacking in the U.S.!

I have to admit, my Comcast cable DSL is pretty darn fast, fast enough for me to get things done but it’s never fast enough as the fiber-optic networked 300Mbps that virtually every household in South Korea is getting.

Every year, I talk to one of my friends in South Korea.   3 years ago, I asked my friend, “so, how fast is your internet now?”  He replies, “I get 100Mbps at my apartment, they’ve got fiber-optics connected to the central network in Seoul.”

Couple days ago, I asked my friend again the same question, he replies, “I get

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