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DIY Green/Red Laser Projector!


Wow, check out this green/red laser projector which can do animations.

This is one of my experimental Dance/Trance songs from 2000. I build laser systems for fun so I have put together pictures and clips from assembly to a full working system to go with the song. I know the song gets really annoying after awhile sorry. Iv’e been getting a lot of email asking how the projector works and what parts are i

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Microsoft Half-Moon Arc Mouse!

Looks like my favorite mouse company has come out with a half-moon mouse, at least that’s what we are going to call it.

Featuring a revolutionary new design shaped like a crescent moon, Arc folds closed to reduce in size by almost half, giving consumers the comfort of a full-sized mouse with the portability of a notebook mouse. Arc is all about the fashion edge, with a stylish micro transceiver that you can leave right in your computer and it’s available in two colors – red or black. It’s the perfect

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19″ Hello Kitty LCD TV!

For fans of Hello Kitty, here’s a 19″ Hello Kitty LCD TV to match your Hello Kitty purses, beds, dolls, etc…etc…

Our cute, nice 19″ TV provides a resolution of 1440×810, a contrast ratio of 1,000:1, brightness of 300cd/m², and response time of 5ms. It features a 1Seg tuner, built-in speakers (3Wx2), and HDMI Interface. Available in two colors, Black & White, and costs 415€.

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3G iPhone Silicon Protective Cover

Here’s a 3G iPhone silicon protective cover. Silicon is a good material to insulate the iPhone from heat and also against dropping it.

Green House announced the release of a new silicon case only for the new iPhone 3G. Our new iPhone case will be available in two colors, Black and White (Like the iPhone 3G), and should be on sale at the beginning of July.

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