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Twitter API DIY – How to Get Started with Twitter API and PHP!

Over the last whole week, I’ve been super busy developing my new Twitter app site, I think it will be HUGE and a very useful site for Twitters.

Along the way, my coding for Twitter API has improved and I wanted to share you all the details on the resources I used.  I wrote the “Complete HOWTO Guide to Twitter API and PHP/AJAX” over at my TweetHacking blog so check it out for those of you trying your debut at a new Twitter site.

First off

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Twitter API DIY – How to Use Twitter API in PHP/JSON!

Lately, I have been building a new Twitter site and it has been literally taking ALL of my time (and thus less blog posts) but let me give you TWO great sites that can help you get a head-start on making your own Twitter site too.

First, you will need to learn that Twitter API basically relies on RESTful HTTP protocol.  Don’t worry about the funky name, it’s actually rather simple.  You send a message to Twitter API and then you get a message back.

Now, there’s two ways to receive data back, one of XML and the other is JSON.  JSON is supposedly better for

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