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Twitter DIY – How to Automatically add Hashtags to your Blog RSS Feed Tweets!

In case you haven’t noticed, Google Feedburner has a great new Twitter feature that lets you automatically add hashtags to important keywords and categories.  I think this is a great way to get more exposure for your blog rss feed tweets.  The more hashtags you use, the more chances of your tweet being found/spread on the Twittersphere.

Adding hashtags to your tweets can certainly enhance the chances of your tweets being spread further into the Twittersphere.  If you have a blog and you are using tools like TwitterFeed or a wordpress plug-in, chances are that your bl

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Astronaut Tweets From Space!

Here’s astronaut who is tweeting from space.(@Astro_TJ)  Cool.  I’ve been twittering a lot too, perhaps why some blog posts are missing.  I’ve been forcing myself to blog more though so watch out for that.  🙂

Expedition 22 Flight Engineer T.J. Creamer made first use of the new system Friday, when he posted the first unassisted update to his Twitter account, @Astro_TJ, from the sp

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Twitter Hack – How to Back Up Your Tweets with Google Calendar!

Here’s a free site you can use to back up all your tweets on Google Calendar so you never have to blame Twitter itself for not having back-up options:

Twistory, is a new Twitter-app site that lets you back-up your valuable tweets on Google Calendar through Google API.  It’s simple to use and all you have to do is enter your Twitter username to get started.  Of course, if you use your Google Calendar for other purposes, we suggest you to make a new Twitter-backup account for Google Calendar so it stays separate.

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Top 20 Things to do When GMail is Down!

It looks like GMail is having some big problems today, bigger than I have ever seen.

Anyways, don’t be too worried, just relax and enjoy life, here’s some fun things to do while GMail is down:

Go to tweet about your GMail being down on Twitter. Go see how many tweets there are about GMail being down on Twitter. Blog about GMail being down like I am doing right now. Pick your nose and wonder when you can use GMail again.

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Sungale CD358LD LED Desk Lamp w/ 3.5″ Digital Photo Frame Review and Giveaway!


I’ve been very busy over the last 2 weeks fighting hackers and moving servers from host to host but I have finally got things straight tonight and guess what!

I just received the new Sungale CD358LD LED Desk Lamp prototype from Katharine. (Thanks Katharine for the sample!)

Anyways, we will be giving out this very unit, all you have to do is subscribe to Zedomax.com e-mail newsletter and leave a comment below of what you think.  (Sign-up form on the right side of the blog!!!) *Note – If you are already a subscriber

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