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Clock Hack – How to Make a VHS Cassette Clock!

If you are like me, you probably have about a few hundred VHS cassette tapes running around your house or garage.  Here’s how to re-make/re-cycle your old VHS cassette tape into a functional clock.

VHS is dead in the UK, the bottom-end of the market is struggling to shift VHS cassettes for pence. I have several, and found a new use for one.

I had an old quartz clock movement, the rest of the clock having fallen apart years ago.

And I have a lot of other electrical bits from broken TVs, videos, stereos etc.

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How to Convert USB to HDMI with Grand HD Cinema!

A Japanese company has released its new Grand HD Cinema, a converter device that will convert USB to HDMI.  This will be great for those of you with no HDMI interface.

Just a note, when you buy a new laptop, make sure it has an HDMI output.  My $600 Dell laptop does, I simply had to make sure it had one before I bought it.

Also read up on my DIY guide that shows

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Circuit City Liquidation!

The long time consumer electronics goliath Circuit City is finally going through liquidation.  It seems odd that such a big retailer could go down.  Perhaps it’s due to their lack of computers/laptops, which I’d never though of buying at Circuit City anyways.

I think their failure can be summed to their branding and associations with TVs and stereo more than computers and laptops.  Well, I am no retail expert but it’s sad to them go.

Now that details are starting to flow in, we’re told that it will liquidate 567 of

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Philips shows off their Ambient Lighting and Ambilight TV products!

For one, I know Philips was working on color-changing LEDs and lightbulbs that are easy to install while providing high power.

On top of that, they introduced Ambilight TVs where the background lights would match with what you see on TV.

Lastly but not least, I did hear of

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DIY – HOWTO Make a Serial port IR Receiver!

Here’s a cool DIY on how to make your own serial port IR receiver.

What does it do you ask?

Well, IR receiver can be used for controlling any IR devices or reading from them such as TVs, DVDs, etc…etc…

The best part about this DIY is that it can be used for making your custom DIY media center.

This circuitry allows you to control your computer with a simple remote, like the one you already use for your TV-set. It’s very useful when you want to control a DVD or an mp3 player without having to stay at the

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DIY Hack – HOWTO Make A High Voltage Supply in 5 Minutes!


Here’s a fun DIY for experimenting with some high voltage from spare TV parts.

In this Instructable you will learn how to make a High Voltage High Frequency power supply in 5 minutes and for less than $20.

All you need is a compact fluorescent light (CFL) and a flyback transformer.

Flyback transformers are found in TVs and CRT monitors. They make the high voltage, high frequency current necessary to trace the electron beam across the screen. They are small and compact, and you c

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Suntronic 102 inch HDTV for your backyard!

102″ TV for your backyard can be a lot better than the LED TV we mentioned yesterday.

Not only are they large, but these tough-guy TVs can function in temperatures ranging from -40 to more than 120 degrees, have built-in heaters and air conditioners, and of course are waterproof.

[via newlaunches

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Samsung 42″ PDP TVs frustrate Korean Customers

It looks like the new Samsung 42″ PDP TVs are really bugging the hell out of Korean customers… Which is good news for us in the US since all the Koreans do beta-testing for us… (Well, I am Korean too but I don’t live there…)

Well, it’s a good thing that Samsung did fix the problem by recalling them but still, who wants to buy a big ass TV and expect to see half?

Last June 21, Korea Consumer Agency, a governmental organization established to protect consumer rights and interests, announced that regarding S

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