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DIY HACK – The Orb – mini ITX hack project


Check out this cool orb that has a mini ITX that serves as a HTPC, Fileserver, and HTTP Server! Cool space looking design, maybe a grill was used here… You can make your next media PC like this and put it next to your TV and let your friends admire it.


Multi User Music Instrument


Here’s a cool multi-user audio instrument that’s really cool…

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Video of slow motion Bullet!


As we’ve been adding some new videos to our new video site, Da Bomb TV, we cannot help but to post some of the cool things we’ve been finding.

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CES Video – Automatic Toilet Seat


Well, this one I’ve actually used one myself when I was living over in Asia couple years ago, but it seems it take years for the great toilet seat technology to come to America, just like cellphones… 😛

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CES Video – Roomba Carpet Printer


This would be great for making some custom images on your carpet!

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CES Video – Hamster Controlled Roomba!


Check out this cute hamster vacuuming your whole carpet using a roomba!


DIY – Flatscreen HOWTO when you can’t afford it

Here’s howto make a flatscreen with your DLP projection TV. the pictures should be enough to give you the idea. Well, you just need a wall with access to the other side. Hilarious, hahaha!


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[gv data=”vBBK2xkuCGY “][/gv]

Wow check out this Wifi CAN TV. Here’s a way you can make your own WiFi video station. This could possibly very helpful for schools who are trying to setup their own video streaming classes.

This device is helping to deliver TV on the cheap. For about $34.00 you could build your own. Read more about the WiFi Can TV at Geekcorps. If you are interesting in building your own check out the

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DIY Games – XGamestation

I’ve seen this XGamestation around for awhile, you can easily make a NES quality game to play on your TV. via make

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Garrett’s DIY – Upcoming Boe-Bot Hacks – Remote Controlled Insect

Here’s a video of upcoming boe-bot hacks from Garrett using a Parallax Boe-Bot platform and CUBLOC CB220.as brain. This little creature has couple of cool looking features such as a tail, antennas, and eyes that can be remote-controlled via a regular TV remote-control. HOWTO will follow soon. In the meanwhile, you will just have to enjoy Jack

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