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Oscilloscope DIY – How to Buy and Use an Oscilloscope!


Editor’s Note: Here’s a great site on how to buy and use an oscilloscope

A 3 part video tutorial series on what to look for when buying an oscilloscope, where to buy one, and how to use it.

An oscilloscope is the most important piece of electronic test equipment you can buy after a multimeter. They allow you to see, in great detail, what is going on with all the voltages in your circuit. If you ever work with audio circuits, timers, microcontrollers, radios, or anything isn’t DC, an oscilloscope will help you

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PC DIY – How to Build a Killer Gaming PC!

If you’ve already learned how to build a PC in a rather fast-fashion of 10 minutes or under, you might be interested to know about how to build a killer gaming PC.

ExtremeTech.com has a great detailed tutorial on how to build your next killer gaming PC using the latest hardware.

Of course, the one secret about building a killer gaming PC is to use the latest and the best hardware, this tutorial will never stop.

Our goal isn&#

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WordPress DIY – How to edit you WordPress theme

To continue with WordPress tutorials, this video shows you how to tweak with your theme, which is probably the hardest thing to do for WordPress beginners.

If you know your code, you can skip this video. But if you are just starting out and what to get to know the basics, as well has some helpful tips on how to mess with your theme, take a look.

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WordPress DIY – How to install Google Friend Connect to your blog

I haven’t used Google Friend Connect before, but I’ve noticed it popping up on WordPress blogs here and there. So I figured I’d throw up a tutorial video, just in case you haven’t heard of it either.

The setup is as basic as it gets, with only one small challange — downloading and then uploding some files from Google to your server.

Beyond that, it’s just an easy widget embed. Check it out:

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Cool Free Linux Shell Scripting Tutorial

Here’s a cool free linux shell scripting tutorial for all you Linux hackers!

via wagthis

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RSS Tutorial

For those of us who need more information about RSS…

via mnot

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