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GPS equipped Turtle Tracks Marijuana Fields!

Isiah Johnson of Chevy Chase, Maryland, was busted by a GPS equipped turtle, who is obviously good at finding his own stash to eat. (or do turtles smoke too?)

Too bad he isn’t a medical marijuana card holder living in San Francisco (he’d have been legally allowed to grow like 5-10 plants), he is stuck with Maryland’s gay laws and probably head to jail or probation at the least.

A Chevy Chase resident was arrested last week in connection with a marijuana field growing in Rock Creek Park south of the Maryland line.


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DIY Remote Controlled Tortoise(or Turtle?) Robot!


Wow, this is kinda nifty robot.  It’s an RC controlled tortoise(or turtle) that does absolutely nothing but go really slow.

R/C Tortoise is a very simple r/c tortoise “bot” with direct control, using a 4 channel radio system. It uses 4 sub micro servos, and each axis of the transmitter stick controls a servo.

via techeblog

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DIY HACK – HOWTO build An Internet Controlled Security Robot with GPS!



Looks like Shelto has been updating his internet robot project from couple months ago.

Check out this cool internet controlled security robots made with some CUBLOC PLCs and GPS modules.

We’ve lowered the overall profile and gi

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