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Record DIY – How to Burn/Convert Old Vinyls into CDs!

If you have a bunch of old vinyl records like me, you will need to get one of these awesome Crosley Songwriters that can burn ALL your old vinyls into CDs.  It’s not cheap but it’s not cheap to have your vinyls sitting around, waiting for one day to be broken by accident and whatnot.

Are your albums sitting idly in a dark, dusty corner somewhere

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Montegiro Lusso Turntable

Here’s a beautiful turntable for only $47,000.  I bet we will see it at clubs soon.

One of the most incredible looking turntables I’ve seen is the new Lusso from Germany’s Montegiro. The Lusso features three height adjustable connected cones made from alternate layers of aluminum and black acrylic, and a central inverted cone that supports the aluminum and acrylic platter.


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The Altmann DIY turntable

Here’s a cool turn-table you can make! I always wanted to get a turn-table without spending a couple hundred bucks on a real one but now I think I might be able to by having some fun making one!

via make

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