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Halloween DIY – How to Make a Mega Man Costume!

Using simple LED circuits, plastic cup, and some textiles, the father of this young man has made a cool Mega Man Costume with ability to (almost) shoot fireballs.

I can remember the dayz of playing Mega Man, I think it was the most popular game at one time in history.

Why not re-live the moment using this simple DIY technique?

The Mega Buster was another important part of the costume… I could have just done two gloves, but that would have been lame. Anyways, I liked Mr Wilsons idea of using tupperware for the construction, I jus

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DIY – How to Build your own Tupperware iPod Boombox!

Here’s a really cheap way to build your own Tupperware iPod Boombox.

An Easy Cheap way to make a sweet boombox for your iPod. Uses dollar store tupperware styrofoam, and cheap speakers to make a surprisingly cool boombox/stereo.

via instructables

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