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Adobe Fires Back At Apple with Hearts and the Truth!

Oh boy, here’s we go again, Adobe has just launched a new ad campaign aimed at Apple.

In response to Stevie Job’s letter on “openness” (or is it closed?), Adobe says that users should have the freedom to choose their own 3rd party app.  Which is true, I don’t need Apple to be my father, censoring technology that I should have a choice on.

In this case, clearly Apple is interfering with users rights to use what they want.  Users then would have

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Hey, it’s Seth THE BLOGGER GUY – #AT&T #FAIL

I have one thing to say about this video from AT&T, Seth Bloom is NOT a blogger, I don’t know him, I don’t know any blogger who know him.

The videos starts with, “Hey, it’s Seth THE BLOGGER GUY…”

I stopped watching because I am a REAL BLOGGER GUY and I am furiously mad because that’s NOT ME nor does that represent any “blogger guys” out there.

LIES, LIES, and more LIES.  Consumers

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DIY Internet Controlled Soft AirGun!



Here’s a really cool implementation of a soft airgun that can be controlled via internet and webcam.  Now, I can see this becoming a “high” security gadget for your home, simply replace it with more durable guns like metal BB guns for example.  (I wonder if it will be legal to put a real gun too btw… that would really suck though for the intruder if he/

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I created a new word today – Windows Morons…

Here’s some guy who’s holding “I’m a PC” I guess.

It’s a good thing I don’t like Microsoft’s Vista marketing nor Apple’s deceptive adveristing otherwise, I’d be either Apple-butt-kisser or Windows-whore.

I have actually decided that neither Microsoft and Apple is my kind of company, my next computer will definitely have Ubuntu for sure.

I am sorry to say to all you Windows-lovers and Apple-lovers but the truth has to be told and big companies are really just taking you for a

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Apple should be Sued for Deceptive iPhone 3G Advertising!


As much as I can appreciate the Safari mobile browser on the iPhone, I still hate the fact that Apple refuses to make “real” ads without trying to cover up the slowness of the iPhone.

Well, as I told you about how iPhone is the biggest marketing scam ever, it seems like people are slowly starting to realize what I&

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Is iPhone the Biggest Advertising Scam Ever or What?

Is iPhone the Biggest Advertising Scam Ever or What?

As much as I love the iPhone and its browser that’s capable of opening most websites flawlessly, I do hate the Apple iPhone ads that are truly misleading in how fast an iPhone can browse.

If I could, I would tell Steve Jobs to start making real ads that tell the truth instead of faking it with super-fast internet speeds.  (I am sure his face would turn red and he’d admit that he “took” consumers money and ran)

Now, if you can actually improve the iPhone to do what every

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Chocolate, Is it Bad for Dogs?

If you are a dog owner, you might have heard that chocolate is poisonous to dogs.  Well, according to sources, it is toxic, but not unless the dog eats a certain amount.  In other words, chocolate may have to be treated sorta like alcohol for dogs and do in moderation.

We’ve all heard it, “Don’t give your dog chocolate it will kill him”. We’ll how true is it you’re probably wondering. Do I have to rush him to an emergency vet if he ate one of my M&M’s?

The truth is chocolate contains theobromin

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Grenade Watch for Army Geeks!

The grenade watch isn’t for everyone, it’s really for those people who need to feel godly-powerful without actually carrying a real bomb in their hands.  To tell you the truth, I’d probably laugh my ass off if I saw anyone wear this.

If you still want one, we won’t stop you, you can go here to order one at $125.

via technabob

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Pistol Cams may Offer the “truth” behind every Gun Shot!

Pistol Cam, a gun-attachable camera that records audio and video during a gun shot, may help document and provide a solid evidence for every gun shooting by the police.

Whether the cop has shot a person unnecessarily or not, the Pistol Cam may be effective in reducing wrongly-convicted police crimes or people who get shot by accident by cops.

Currently it’s only being used in the high-crime U.S. metropolitan cities like LA and New York but if proven effective, it could be widespread throughout the co

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Nokia 8800 Arte – For Show and no Go!


Well, I have to tell you the truth now. The truth? I did get to test all the Nokia 8800 series at the Nokia booth couple weeks ago at Web 2.0 Expo 2008.

The reason why I didn’t post my pics or videos is partly I didn’t have time to and also because the web browsers on the new Nokia are so horrible. They are not even recommended for any kind of web browsi

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