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Photography DIY – How to Make a Wooden Tripod!


Tripods are probably one of the most important a photographer must have and if you already own a regular tripod but need a static one that doesn’t need changes in height (for example for a studio), you might want to look into building your own wooden tripod.  Of course, this DIY wooden tripod isn’t going to make you look professional but it could be a great way to make custom-height tripods without spending a couple hundred bills on commercial ones.

Tripod for camera, if you have a camera and want to take good pictures in which you can

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iPhone Hack – How to Make an iPhone Tripod Mount!

Are you trying to mount your iPhone to a tripod such as a gorillapod?

Well, there’s a great detailed DIY guide on how to make an iPhone tripod mount here.

I first started out with plastic from  iphone box. I trimmed excess from edge to make it look more attractive doesn’t have to be done. Next , I lined up the Rubber case to find where I would need to place holes for the camera and the screws. I found that the case doesn’t find in straight in needs little bit of an angle to work, it depe

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Camera Hack – How to Stick Any Digital Camera to Any Surface as a Tripod!

I’ve always been searching for new digital camera tri-pods and glad to say I have finally found one (thanks to editors at CNet), it’s called a Universal Pod, a tripod that will practically attach to anything, including a tree.

This is much better than the Gorillapad tripod I saw couple years back.

Universal Pod sticks to a 1,000 objects and counting! Its patent pending “viscoelastic morphing polymer base” molds, grips and sticks

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Photography Hack – How to make a tripod from a tennis ball

Tripods can be super expensive, so check out this tip that makes a really good stand in out of a tennis ball. It might not be perfect, but its a great DIY substitute if you need to get rid of some old tennis balls.

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Smoke Turret is a Big Ass-Kickin’ Mist System!

It’s getting close to that time of the year, that’s right, Halloween!

For the most awesome special effects, you might want to consider getting this Smoke Turret, which blows off most Mist Systems out there.

For what it’s worth, the Smoke Turret will out-do any other masking materials, just make sure order this one ahead of the time as it takes 3 to 5 weeks for delivery.

Fire off a fog frenzy at your Halloween event or party. The gun turret has a 18

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DIY – How to Make a Mobile Tripod!

Do you think you will be directing any home-brewed movies anytime soon?  Well, if you are, here’s how to make a mobile tripod for those action shots.

How to make a stable, mobile, and cool looking base for your tripod.

via instructables

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DIY Photo HACK – How to make a cheap Camera stabilizer!


Check out this nifty little hack that will help you take better photos!

Can’t afford an expensive lens with Image Stabilizer (IS) or Vibration Reduction (VR)? This instructional video shows you how to build your own stabilizer in 5 minutes for less than $1. It is super light weight and folds up small enough to fit in your pocket.

via dphotojournal

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