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Best Wireless Mouse Review!

One of the biggest pet-peeves I have is to have to “best” mouse available.  I do this through trial and error, not by price.

Today, I will review some of the best wireless mice on the market.

First, let me tell you that you need a “laser” mouse, not an “optical” mouse.  The “laser” mouse can practically work on any surface including your hardwood floor, sofa, boat, etc…etc…  On the other hand, an optical mouse only works on perfectly flat and visible surfaces.

So, you need to buy a “laser” wirele

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Video DIY – How to Take High Speed Videos!

Well, there’s been bunch of documented posts on how to take high speed photos but not high speed videos.

One thing for sure, you will need to invest at least 1G on a nice camcorder but here’s how to take high speed videos.

Everyone I have met and talked to share one thing in common: the desire to own, or at least play with, a high speed camera. Though I doubt that many of the people reading this have a high speed camera of their own, it is my wish

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Sonic Impact Soundpads turn any wall into a speaker!

Check out these speakers that will turn any wall into a speaker.  Better yet, just build yourself a cheap acrylic-wood box for achieving some bass boost.  (Buy them at ThinkGeek for 50% off regular price)

SoundPads stick-on speakers transfer sound to any surface you stick them on. SoundPads convert posters, bookcases, tables, doors – any thin-walled high-transmission surface into permanent stereo speakers! Sound quality vari

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