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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas!

Well, being a hacker I am, I made my girlfriend an LED heart few years back but if you don’t like hacking, you can get this USB Plasma Heart for Valentines. (via cg) Of course, there’s no guarantee that this will satisfy her over other

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Gooef, Eco-Friendly and Green Search Engine Launched!

We just launched Gooef.com, an eco-friendly and green search engine over at Keetsa.com.  If you are into eco-friendly stuff, try typing in something like, “gadgets” and you will get a nice list of eco-friendly and green gadgets.

I know, the name sounds kinda goofy but the “ef” actuall

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Orange CFL for Halloween!

Ohh… check out thse cool ORANGE CFLs for Halloween!

Energy inefficiency may spook your party guests, but you can still cast a frightful glow with orange and black mini compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). A pack of two 13W bulbs, with one of each color, costs around $9. ::Builders’ Square

Or, as one of our readers eruditely points out, you can just th

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